Our story & How to make a nice tea

S-Hong Home Decor established in Richmond BC Canada in 2014. We are an immigrant and family owned business. All of our tea leaves and tea wares are picked by the owner themselves and from Taiwan. Taiwan is a unique island located in East Asia, Taiwanese culture has been influenced by China, Japan and America. As a result, our tea culture is blended by Chinese, Japanese and Western culture. It has rich creativity but still has traditional styles.

We are dedicated to bringing the most authentic Taiwanese tea culture to the Vancouver city. With a focus on high-quality oolong teas and handcrafted ceramics, We offer a unique and authentic experience for tea lovers and ceramics enthusiasts alike. Therefore, we have our new tea brand: One tea One fun. We believe that “Good tea needs a good tea pot,” said the owner. Come to visit us and discover the art of tea and ceramics!

Easy & Delicious

How to Make a Nice Tea

1. Use 8-10 grams of tea leaves into the tea pot

2. Pour 150 ml to 200 ml hot water into the tea pot

Oolong Tea98℃ – 100℃
Black Tea90℃ – 95℃
Beauty Tea
85℃ – 90℃

3. Steeping 40 sec and pour into your cup or fair pot.

Tips: Adjust the amount of the tea leaves and steeping time according to personal preference

All our teas are good for 5 brews!