Signature Oriental Beauty Tea 精選東方美人茶



Oriental beauty tea is a special tea only cultivated in Taiwan. The tea tree are bitten by the tiny insect during summer season. The bitten leave are picked and gave the tea very unique aroma. The taste is floral, fruity and smooth on your mouth. You can see some white-tip on the tea leave and comes to light dark-red color when it was steeped.

– Water Temperature: 90 ℃

– Suggested Brewing method: 8 grams with 200ml water

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Oriental Beauty Tea, is a type of oolong tea that is highly regarded for its unique flavor profile and distinctive appearance. It is primarily produced in Taiwan. The tea is known for its sweet and fruity notes, often described as having a complex flavor with hints of honey, peach, and muscat grape.
The distinctive appearance of Oriental Beauty Tea is due to the presence of tiny, white, and silver-tipped leaves, along with the presence of bud sets and mature leaves. This combination gives the tea a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The production of Oriental Beauty Tea involves a specific harvesting process. The tea leaves are often attacked by a particular type of insect known as the tea green leafhopper (Jacobiasca formosana). The insect feeding on the leaves triggers a natural defense mechanism in the tea plant, leading to the development of unique flavors and aromas. Skilled tea farmers carefully manage this process to ensure the quality of the final product.

Oriental Beauty Tea is typically oxidized to a relatively high degree, contributing to its rich flavor. The oxidation process, combined with the unique leaf characteristics and the interaction with the leafhopper, results in a tea that is highly prized among tea enthusiasts for its complex and nuanced taste.

This tea is enjoyed by many connoisseurs and is often considered a special and luxurious treat due to its unique characteristics and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in its production.



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